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In the Gemäldegalerie, in Berlin, you'll see paintings by Giotto, Masaccio, Boticceli, Mantegna,Rambrandt, Vermeer, Canaletto, Bruegel, Düre and other great artists, but to see them you'll have to go there, because I choose to shoot the hall which i liked very much.

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When I visited your museum last June, I was struck by the powerful portrayal of Biblical stories by Matthias Stom. I want to project photographs of three of his paintings in a sermon series I plan for April, and I have not found them on the Web. The paintings are "Esau verkauft sein Erstgeburtsrecht," "Sarah fuhrt Abraham zu," and "Christi am Olberg." I apologize that I cannot add the umlaut to two of the words.

Two other paintings I would like to project during sermons are "Die Befreiung Petri" by Gerhard van Honthorst, and "Die Fusswashung Christi" by Dirch van Baburen.

Can you help me locate photographs of these paintings on the Web or by other means?

Thank you very much.